Heimbygdas spelmansförbunds hemsida
"....the most exciting music you'll hear.  It just so happens it is 
Swedish Folk!  It's playful and romantic, full of life, depth and passion"
Riffrage  Jamtlandica.com is a resource site that will make it possible for you to listen (and play) traditional Folk Music from Jamtland, Sweden. We will on the web publish Jamtlandic Folk Tunes in MP3 and make the tunes available in note form. 

Jamtlandica.com is a site for quality information about Jamtlandic Folk Culture. We start with Folk Music but we aspire to develop the web site and present other aspects of the rich Jamtlandic heritage as dances, dresses and so on. 

Are you interested in a new folkmusic course in Jamtland?

Read about it here..


  Folk Music in Jamtland 
          - An Introduction - 
  The Fiddler Company of Ostersund 
        -  Östersunds Spelmanslag - 
  Ville Roempke 
        -  Riksspelman - 
    -  The Dance Cottage Players - 
  Two Folk Fiddlers 
    - Richard Näslin & Göran Andersson - 
Richard Näslin 
    - Riksspelman, Composer, and Producer of Folk Music -
  Lasse Sörlin  
     -  Folk Fiddler -
 Tunes from the Past 
    - Documentary folk music recordings - 
Modern Jamtlandic Folk Music 
  Hoven Droven
  What is Jamtland? 
       - History, Sightseeings, etc...  -
  By making this web site we try to give listeners all around the world a chance  
to hear the rich musical heritage of the province  of Jamtland, Sweden 
  Richard Näslin, Sven E Carlsson, and Love Nordin  
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